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Prepare your team. Protect your congregants. 


Places of worship today face increasing pressure to provide a safe environment for congregants while maintaining a friendly and welcoming atmosphere – one that isn’t hindered by intrusive security measures.


Secure Solution helps you develop a comfortable balance by bringing together the right people, proven procedures, and sound physical security details into a comprehensive security plan.


Are you prepared if a child in your nursery is caught in the middle of a domestic dispute or if a parishioner struggling with substance abuse causes a disturbance? What happens if there is a medical emergency in the middle of a service or a weather event requires your congregation to evacuate quickly?


With his extensive background in law enforcement, firearms training, crime prevention, and site security (e.g., lighting, locks, alarms, and cameras), Henry Reyna can help you answer these questions and more with security assessments and customized trainings you won’t find anywhere else in mid Michigan or throughout the Great Lakes Bay Region.



A multi-layered approach


Sadly, security isn’t just an issue for mega-churches anymore. All houses of worship need to protect themselves from robbery, vandalism, active shooters, and other potential threats.


A security assessment from Secure Solution can help you:  


Learn how to monitor, approach, and respond to suspicious behavior

Evaluate locks, lighting, points of access, alarms, cameras, and other site security measures

Plan for evacuation scenarios

Create policies and procedures for a variety of emergency situations, including an active shooter

Develop training for volunteers, ushers, and staff—with advanced training for security teams


Training your team

When an event occurs, the effectiveness of your response will depend upon your training. Everyone involved in church security – from security teams and staff to ushers and volunteers – must operate from a common plan and be trained in how to execute the plan.


Henry Reyna creates customized security training for churches encompassing:


  • Verbal de-escalation techniques
  • How to intercept people aggressively, yet politely, before a situation escalates
  • Responding to acts of violence
  • Simple, empty hand self-defense techniques
  • Proper pepper spray defense techniques
  • Understanding CPL carry laws and the use of deadly force
  • Medical and fire response

Contact Henry Reyna today to discuss your church security needs and concerns.


“A community is not safe because you have more police. You’re safest when everyone in your community is engaged. A multi-layered approach that includes the right people with the RIGHT training will truly make a difference.” - Henry Reyna 


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