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CPL/CCW Classes & Advanced Handgun Training

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As a certified NRA master firearms instructor and former trainer in pressure points and control tactics, edged weapon defense, ground fighting, and firearms for the Michigan Police Academy, Henry Reyna has taught thousands of students on the proper use of firearms.


Reyna is passionate about teaching all aspects of personal protection and why the use of deadly force is truly a last resort. At Secure Solution, every student is a student for life. Students are welcome to contact Reyna with any firearm and security related questions, and they’re welcome to sit in on future CPL classes to refresh their knowledge and skills.


“Excellent CCW/CPL class! I learned more in one day than from several previous self-defense and CPL classes! Would highly recommend!”

- Sherry L.


Michigan Concealed Pistol License (CPL) Class

If you’re thinking about carrying a concealed weapon in Michigan, you’ll need a pistol safety training class in order to apply for a license with the State. Our one-day course meets all of the State’s requirements for fire arm training outlined in Section 5J of 1927 [LH1] PA 372 and goes far beyond them to give you the confidence and ability to carry responsibly[HR2] .


Secure Solution CPL classes combine detailed classroom instruction and live fire training on a range. You don’t need to own a gun—or have shooting experience—to take this class. Guns rentals are available for $25 (cost of ammo not included). Henry is happy to discuss considerations when buying a gun in order to find the right model and caliber for you.


What you’ll learn


This course is structured around the National Rifle Association’s (NRA) Personal Protection in the Home series and surpasses the State’s requirements for fire arm training outlined in Section 5J of 1927 [LH3] PA 372. It’s not only about surviving a life threatening encounter, but also the ins and outs of concealed carry laws so you understand your rights and responsibilities as a concealed carry gun owner. The course includes:


  • CPL legal overview (video)
  • How to apply for a CPL
  • Requirements for getting a CPL
  • Carrying under the influence
  • Michigan’s Nine Pistol Free Zones
  • What to do if stopped by the police
  • How to purchase firearms with and without a CPL
  • Where to find concealed carry laws in other states (reciprocity)
  • Michigan Self-Defense Act of 2006
  • Reviewing real-world examples to discuss what went right and wrong[HR5] 


How to apply for your CPL 

Michigan Concealed Pistol License Application




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Trainings are available throughout the Great Lakes Bay Region including Saginaw, Midland, Bay, Arenac, Iosco, Gratiot, and Isabella counties.


Private and small group trainings can also be arranged anywhere in the state of Michigan.


We are currently accepting students for:

Concealed Pistol License Training






Saturday January 25th     7 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.

Saginaw MI 48603


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Saturday Febuary 22nd      7 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.

Saginaw MI 48603


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Future classes:





Saginaw MI 48603

January 25th Saturday,  - 7 am to 4:30 pm – Basic Concealed Pistol Class




Saginaw MI 48603

Febuary 22nd Saturday,  - 7 am to 4:30 pm – Basic Concealed Pistol Class



Saginaw MI 48603

March 28th Saturday,  - 7 am to 4:30 pm – Basic Concealed Pistol Class


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Fee: $150 per person

Students must bring 100 rounds of 9mm ammunition, a handgun—rental is available from Secure Solution LLC, and eye and ear protection (we do have extra available, if needed).


Coffee, pop, and donuts are on us in the morning. Lunch is on you—and we strongly encourage you to bring a lunch with you in order to maximize our time on the range.


What will you need to participate in a class






Firearm Fundamentals For Women

When it comes to shooting guns, women have different gun needs than men. “You don’t know what you don’t know until you know”. Meaning get the proper training that will help you make the right decisions that you won’t regret later.

This training session will detail the choices to be considered with regards to bringing a firearm into your household. Some of the elements to be discussed are: Semi-automatic vs revolver, gun safety vs no gun safety, 9mm vs 380 bullet, storage options and carrying options that will be discussed in the two-hour training session.

In this training session you will be taught 5 basics of accurate shooting: Stance, Grip, Sight Alignment, Trigger Control, and Follow Through. Please note: participant will be handling firearms but will be only “firing” green gas plastic pellet training gun that will be provided.

After completing this session anyone interested in taking this to the next level can apply the cost of this training to the upcoming Concealed Pistol License Training.


Saginaw Michigan 48603


 Febuary 19th, 2020 – 5:30 to 7pm – Fundamentals For Women




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How to renew your CPL

Michigan Concealed Pistol License Application (Rewewal)







Advanced Handgun Training

June 13th, 2020 Saturday 8am to 1pm 


Advanced Gun Fighting School



Take your training to the next level with our advanced handgun course for current CPL holders. During this 5-hour course on the gun range, you will learn how to:


  • Quickly and safely withdraw and holster your gun from a concealed position
  • Move and shoot with accuracy and speed
  • Shoot from cover
  • Shoot at multiple targets


Fee: $300 per person; minimum of 10 people per session. Participants need 400-500 rounds of ammunition, firearm(s), holster, and eye and ear protection.


Trainings are completely customized to match your skill level and needs. Gather a few friends, neighbors, or coworkers and schedule your advanced handgun course today.


 PAY for this training session RIGHT now and reserve your spot!


Contact Henry Reyna 


What will you need to participate in a class.


Course Evaluation 

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