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Concealed Pistol License Renewal Information (PDF)

This PDF explains how to renew your CPL.


Active Self Protection (LINK)

A lot of great information here, consider becoming a member, watch training videos.


Great Lakes Safety Coalition (WEBSITE)

Resource to enroll in Active Shooter Training if your employer is a member of this orginization.


Michigan Coalition of Responsible Gun Owners (MCRGO) (WEBSITE0

Many great resources here spend time looking at everything they have listed. 


National Rifle Association (NRA) (WEBSITE)

Many great resources here spend time looking at everything they have listed. 


Michigan Concealed Pistol License (CPL) Requirements (WEBSITE)

Listed here is everything required my the State of Michigan to get a CPL.


Michigan Concealed Pistol License (CPL) Application and Instructions (WEBSITE)

Listed here is a description on how to complete the concealed pistol application, click on link titled CPL application form.


Ban Lifted allowing concealed carry in national parks Feb 2010 (WEBSITE)

Saginaw New Mlive artical decribing the changes in the law allow people to carry in a national park.


Michigan Self-Defense Act of 2006 Duty to Retreat (PDF)

This PDF describes Public Acts 309-314 which detail when a person can use deadly force. 


What you should know when carrying a CPL! (PDF)

This PDF is a document created to answer many questions that hundreds of previous CPL students commonly asked.


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