Responding to Acts of Violence

How to avoid, survive, and escape active shooters and other life-threatening situations.


Since the attacks of September 11, 2001, there are some 4,000 fewer police officers in Michigan responding to 911 calls for service. The first 3 to 6 minutes of any violent incident belong to YOU.


There have been 979 acts of violence world-wide in 2017 resulting in 5,668 fatalities.


Violence in our communities is a reality we can no longer ignore. Regardless if you’re at work, seeing a movie, shopping at the mall, or attending worship, you MUST have a planned response to acts of violence. While police, fire departments, and EMS are trained to quickly respond, the first several minutes you are on your own.


Responding to Acts of Violence is an immensely popular session for businesses and organizations that want to give their employees and members practical tools and increased confidence to protect themselves at work and at home. This hands-on training is designed to increase your situational awareness and give you tactics to avoid, survive, and escape dangerous situations using proven law enforcement techniques.


What you’ll learn

In this 2-3 hour course we’ll discuss current events and violent trends that, unfortunately, create a need for every citizen to be prepared with a planned response. You’ll actively participate and learn how to:


  • Implement a lockdown/secure-in-place response
  • Recognize cover and concealment opportunities
  • Deliver effective empty-hand striking techniques
  • Fight back with improvised weapons 
  • Use a gun, knife, taser, pepper spray, or other personal safety tool (as allowed by workplace policies)
  • Respond if you are an armed citizen with a CPL 
  • Reduce blue-on-blue shootings if you’re responding as an off-duty police officer


Fee: TBD, depending on class size and format.


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