Self-Defense for Women, Young Adults, and Children

A little training can make a lifetime of difference.


Sadly, predators strike any time, anywhere.

Staying safe starts with having the proper mindset and a plan to successfully defend yourself against attack.   


Oftentimes, we feel safe if we carry pepper spray or a concealed weapon. However, most people only have empty hands when they’re suddenly attacked. This makes empty-handed fighting techniques essential to your safety.


Secure Solution LLC offers self-defense classes for women, young adults, and children that will leave you feeling much better prepared to avoid and deter life-threatening situations.



“Every woman needs to take this training. I can't believe I waited so long. Fortune has been on my side, and now I feel better prepared should I find myself in an unfortunate situation.”

– Shannon V., May 11, 2017


Self-Defense for Women

One in four women will be a victim of sexual assault. Don’t become a statistic!

Classes are designed to increase your awareness, help you avoid dangerous situations, and empower you with escape and striking techniques that really work! These techniques are so powerful that, when implemented, they’re considered deadly force.


Whether you need a one-hour employee training seminar, or a three-hour private session with just a few friends, Secure Solution LLC offers hands-on self-defense training that will leave you feeling more confident and empowered to handle dangerous situations.


Classes can be hosted in homes, churches, small businesses, and other venues. Henry Reyna is passionate about helping women protect themselves and is happy to work with you to develop the right program for your needs.


 Private class fee: $75 per person; minimum of 4 adults


Trainings include

Each session is tailored to the unique needs of the group. Women will learn:


  • How to heighten your awareness of your surroundings
  • Importance of developing a planned response (action is faster than reaction)
  • Developing a survivor mindset
  • Pros and cons of self-defense tools (pepper spray, tasers, guns, and edged weapons)
  • Edged weapon defense to protect yourself from attack
  • Effective empty-hand fighting techniques
  • Ground-fighting techniques to defend against sexual assault


All techniques are taught in slow, step-by-step progression. Wear clothing that allows you to kick and swing your arms, but know that this is NOT a workout class designed to make you sweat.





Contact Henry Reyna to arrange a private class or to discuss other options.

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Staying Safe: Self-Defense for Children


Keeping our kids safe starts with children learning stranger danger and understanding the elements of personal safety from a young age. Even as our children grow more independent, we must continue to supervise them closely and give them the tools they need to respond to dangerous situations. Stranger Danger programs teach age-appropriate safety tips and self-defense techniques for your children.


Popular with scouting organizations, schools, and small groups of neighbors and friends, Stranger Danger programs are customizable for ages 4 – 12.


Class highlights

In this 45-minute to 1-hour program, children will learn:

- What is a stranger

- Who to talk to when something bad happens

- Where are the private parts of your body

- Using your voice to say no

- Tricks that tricky people use

- Simple escape techniques (wrist escapes, places to kick, etc.)


Private training fees: $25 per child minimum of 4 children.



Contact Henry Reyna to develop a Stranger Danger program for your children or organization.



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Staying Safe: Self-Defense for Teens and Young Adults


As kids get older and seek more independence, it’s important for them to understand and appreciate the dangers—seen and unseen—facing them in the world. Staying Safe programs teach safety tips and empowering self-defense techniques that will last their entire lives.


Popular with schools, colleges, youth groups, and small groups of neighbors and friends, Staying Safe programs are customizable for ages 12 – 21.


Class highlights

In this 45-minute to 1-hour program, teen and young adults will learn:

- Respect for the dangers they face outside the home

- How to avoid dangerous situations

- Simple escape and defensive empty-hand techniques

- The value and dangers of computers, mobile technology, and social media

Private training fees: $25 per student; minimum of 4 students.


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Contact Henry Reyna to develop a Staying Safe program for your teens or young adults.


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